New tabletop stud welding machine MAS-04

(3/11/2015) As successor model the new MAS-04 replaces our proven tabletop stud welding machine MAS-02. The machine is ideal for the cost-effective serial production of small parts.

It is adaptable for different welding tasks (e.g. with x-axis, workpiece turning device) and can be equipped with various workpiece mounting devices (e.g. movable workholding device, turntable). The MAS-04 offers the perfect, precise and customized solution for a multitude of individual customer requirements.

The MAS-04 stands out by the highest precision in the positioning of welding elements and its ease of use at the same time. It is applicable for all stud welding methods and can be operated with the entire range of our stud welding units and the automatic welding heads KHA-200F and KKA-200F. Stud feeding is carried out automatically (by the automatic stud feeder VBZ) or semi-automatically (by manual insertion). The mounting table was widened by 100 mm and is completely furnished with T-slot plates. Optionally, the MAS-04 can be equipped with a safety housing with light curtain or door.

Further information can be found here.