New drawn arc stud welding guns GD 12sc, GD 12 and GD 15 with integrated travel measuring system

(26/11/2019) At the Schweisstec 2019 we presented the new stud welding guns GD 12sc, GD 12 and GD 15 - the new benchmark for drawn arc stud welding up to a diameter of 15 mm.

The GD 12sc is designed for short cycle stud welding (max. welding diameter: 12 mm), while the GD 12 and GD 15 are designed for drawn arc stud welding with ceramic ferrule or shielding gas (max. welding diameter: 12 resp. 15 mm). All guns have an adjustable lift (adjustment range: 0-2,5 mm), the GD 15 is also equipped with an adjustable hydraulic piston damper. Thus the new guns can always be perfectly set up for each welding task. In connection with the piston with linear ball track, the ample-dimensioned welding cable (cable cross section: 35 mm²) and the automatic length compensation they always guarantee perfect welding results.

Highlight of the new guns is the integrated travel measuring system (optional). Using this the lift adjustment couldn`t be easier. Moreover, it enables a quality monitoring by measuring and recording of stud travel (lift, piston runtime, immersion depth) for each weld.

Detailed information regarding the new stud welding guns can be found here.