CNC stud welding machine T 8080 (working area: 800 x 800 x 250 mm)

(07/03/2022) The machine T 8080 is equipped with two automatic stud welding heads KKA-200F, two stud welding units PRO-C 1500 and four automatic stud feeders VBZ, each welding head is fed by two VBZ through a stud switch.

Each automatic stud welding head has a fluid spraying device to secure a high welding quality. The machine is designed for capacitor discharge stud welding with contact method. It welds welding studs made from steel and stainless steel.

For safeguarding the working area a light curtain is used so that the working area can be accessed very good and thus be loaded fast. With our operating software PRO-STUD (incl. DXF data converter) and monitor with keyboard and mouse the machine can be easily handled even by unexperienced operators.

The machine has as a robust, welded steel machine frame with eight ceramic stop pins on the X and Y zero lines, the axes are driven through dynamic servo motors. The servo motor-driven Z-axis enables welding on different levels and the processing of different stud lengths without prior retooling. Of course, the complete working area - as for all our CNC stud welding machines - can be reached by each welding head

A brief description of the machine can be found here. We gladly provide additional information on inquiry.