The welding parameter monitoring, integrated as standard in all series PRO-I, PRO-D, PRO-S and PRO-C stud welding units, enables a quality control of the finished welds. It offers the following features:

  • recording of welding current, welding time and voltage (for drawn arc/short cycle stud welding (series PRO-I, PRO-D and PRO-S)) resp. welding current and welding time (for capacitor discharge stud welding (series PRO-C)) for each weld
  • recording of stud protrusion before the weld as well as stud travel (lift, immersion depth, immersion speed and short-circuit time) during the weld [only when a welding gun resp. an automatic welding head with travel measuring system is used]
  • comparison of the recorded welding parameters (actual values) to the parameters of a reference weld (set values) (tolerances adjustable)
  • in case of variances to the reference weld a warning is displayed or the unit is locked for further welds until the release by the operator (functionality can be switched off)
  • storage of the last ten welding parameter sets

The welding parameter memory PRO-x and the read-out/analysis software PRO-xDataLog are optionally available as add-ons.

The welding parameter memory PRO-x enables the storage of 16000 welding parameter sets (storage with date and time) in the stud welding unit. The stored data (welding parameter sets) can be transmitted by PRO-xDataLog to a PC through an USB-interface. There it can be analysed and stored.

Besides reading out the welding parameter memory PRO-xDataLog also enables real-time transmission (Live Logging) of the welding parameter sets recorded by the stud welding unit to a PC that is connected to the stud welding unit. Immediately after each weld the welding parameter set that is recorded by the unit is transmitted to the PC where it can be analysed and stored.

The product data sheet PRO-x and PRO-xDataLog can be viewed or downloaded here.

Product data sheet PRO-x and PRO-xDataLog