The VBZ is a feeder for the fully automatic feeding of welding elements into automatic stud welding heads and automatic stud welding guns. With the VBZ welding elements with flange can be fed fast, safe and easy, the modification for special welding elements (e.g. insulation nails) is possible on inquiry. It distinguishes itself through very easy operation as well as fast and easy retooling to different stud diameters.

Stud diameter Ø 2-10 mm
(other Ø on inquiry)
Stud length 6-30 mm
(optional: 6-50 mm)
Stud type welding elements with flange
(other stud types on inquiry)
Feeding capacity up to 50 studs/minute
(depending on stud diameter and length)
Maximum filling quantity 1 kg
(optional: additional belt bunker system)
Compressed air connection 6 bar
Mains supply 230 V, 50 Hz (optional: 115 V, 50 Hz)
Mains plug earth contact plug according to DIN 49441
Dimensions (WxHxL) 195x265x410 mm
Weight (without cable) 23,5 kg
  • suitable for welding elements with flange,
    special welding elements (e.g. insulation nails) on inquiry
  • feeding capacity continuously adjustable
  • air pressure adjustable for optimal adaptation to different welding elements
  • improved stud separating and feeding through impact pressure sensor
  • quiet, failure-free stud transport
  • simple handling
  • quick and simple retooling (equipment kits for different stud diameters)
  • one-piece cover as protection against welding spatters, dirt and noise (sorting, separating and feeding system in one case)
  • feeding bowl made from high-value stainless steel (abrasion-resistant and rust-proof)
  • all connectors placed on the front plate for optimal accessibility
  • clear-sighted cover for easy monitoring of fill level
  • low air consumption
  • applicable with all automatic welding heads and guns
  • interface for data exchange with higher ranked control systems
  • high service life through high-grade mechanical components
  • robust, powder-coated metal housing