New video company presentation

(19/09/2023) The presentation provides a compact overview of our products, production sites and possibilities as well as our certifications and approvals.

Fluid spraying device for automatic stud welding heads on CNC stud welding machines

(10/08/2023) The automatic stud welding heads of our CNC stud welding machines are usually equipped with a fluid spraying device on customer request.

Tabletop stud welding machine MAS-04 – special version with two automatic welding heads for simultaneous welding

(27/06/2023) The special version of our tabletop stud welding machine MAS-04 is equipped with two automatic welding heads KHA-200F and two stud welding units PRO-C 1000 as well as with one automatic stud feeder VBZ with stud switch.

CNC stud welding machine T1308025 (working area: 1300 x 800 x 250 mm)

(16/05/2023) The machine T1308025 is equipped with three automatic stud welding heads KHA-200F with integrated travel measuring system, three automatic stud feeders VBZ as well as three stud welding units PRO-C 1500 and one stud welding unit PRO-I 1300.

Stud welding gun GD 22 on handling arm Powerflex

(17/04/2023) The combination of the stud welding gun GD 22 with integrated travel measuring system adapted to the handling arm Powerflex with the stud welding unit PRO-I 2200 with integrated welding parameter monitoring enables the maximum possible welding quality currently possible for manual stud welding.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015: Successful audit

(06/04/2023) From February 21-23, 2023 the current audit of our quality management system took place. The audit was held in the following company sectors: