Welding of shear connectors on anchor plates – handling arm Powerflex, welding parameter monitoring and travel measuring system ensure best possible welding quality (videos)

(31/01/2024) The maximum possible welding quality for shear connectors on anchor plates is guaranteed by our set-up consisting of a Powerflex handling arm with a series PRO-I stud welding machine and a series GD stud welding gun with travel measuring system.

The handling arm Powerflex assures the always vertical alignment of the gun GD 22 and thus secures constantly good welding results. Errors that can occur when welding with a manual gun (e.g. inclined setting of the gun) are excluded. Moreover, the weight of the stud welding head is balanced by POWERFLEX, so that a safe, easy and effortless handling is guaranteed. The arm is free-moving over the complete working area.

The welding parameter monitoring, integrated as standard in the PRO-I stud welding unit, enables a quality control of the finished welds. The unit can detect each discrepancy from the ideally permitted values. So the welding supervisor and the operator can immediately recognise deficits in the welding operation like insufficient balancing of blowout effects, tilt of the welding gun etc. Consequently, the production control can be reduced to monitoring and recording of all welds by the unit and a subsequent visual inspection.

The travel measuring system, integrated as standard in the series GD stud welding gun, enables a quality monitoring by measuring and recording of stud protrusion before the weld as well as stud travel (lift, immersion depth and immersion speed) during the weld. Moreover, it allows a very comfortable, exact and fast adjusting of the gun by displaying the values for stud protrusion and lift that are adjusted on the gun in the display of the unit. The time-consuming and inaccurate manual measurement of the adjusted values at the welding gun – as it is necessary for other units – can thus be omitted.

Videos about the application can be found here.