Stud welding units series PRO-I, PRO-D, PRO-S and PRO-C - Generation 2018

(14/10/2017) On this year`s Schweisstec (November 7-10 in Stuttgart) we introduce the new generation of our proven PRO series.

With the new generation the units were further improved in terms of usability and performance:

  • welding of shear connectors dia. 25 with only 63A mains plug
    For welding of shear connectors up to dia. 25 mm the PRO-I 2800 is now available with 63A mains plug.
  • improved power-on time => faster welding sequences
    By a complete reengineering of the series PRO-D and PRO-I an improved power-on time and thus faster welding sequences were achieved.
  • library with pre-installed welding programmes
    Each unit is equipped with a library with pre-installed welding programmes for all common stud types acc. to DIN 13918. The welding programmes can be chosen by diameter and stud type.
  • welding programme storage for each gun connection for multi-gun units
    For multi-gun units for each gun connection up to 15 welding programmes can now be saved.
  • switch between standard and basic version with reduced range of functions for particularly easy operation
    Series PRO-D units can be switched to a basic version (protected by password entry). The basic version has a reduced range of functions for particularly easy operation. Only welding current, welding time and day counter can be set.
  • optimized menu structure and operation
    Operating concept and menu structure were completely revised and optimised, so that usability and handling of the units could be further improved.
  • new authorization concept for device lock as well as basic settings and menu structure
    For the locking of the devices as well as the possibility for changes of basic settings and menu structure the new authorization concept provides different roles (password protected).
  • user-specific menu configuration
    The operating menu can be adapted user-specific (protected by password entry).
  • individual welding curve programming
    The welding curve of all PRO-I units can be individually programmed. Thus also welding tasks that cannot or only inadequately be realised with standard units resp. settings can be solved. Our technical sales engineers will be pleased to give you advice.