Bolte stud welding technology successful in research projects

(17/01/2023) Three research institutes, the Institute for Steel Construction, the Institute for Concrete Structures at the RWTH Aachen and the Institute for Steel Construction at the University of Kaiserslautern are investigating the influence of web openings in composite beams on the load-bearing capacity.

So far, there is no design model for such girders in which shear connectors are the connection between the steel girder and the concrete slab.

The welding of the shear connectors onto the composite beams was again carried out by Bolte GmbH with a power package consisting of two PRO-I 1300 and a GD 25 gun with position measuring system. Transport is possible in a normal car and one person can install the welding system in a short time. All parameters such as welding current, welding time, protrusion, arc voltage, lift, plunging speed are documented.

Even small edge distances are no problem for the Bolte stud welding technology; perfect welds here too; all requirements for the appearance of the weld collar are met.

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