LBS 90

It convinces through easy operation and high welding quality. Through the electronically clocked inverter charging board extremely short charging times and thus quick welding sequences are accomplished. The robust construction ensures high reliability and high power-on time. All functions are indicated by clearly arranged LED. The charging voltage is continuously adjustable by the rotary knob on the front.

Welding range Ø 2-10 mm
Welding material steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass
Welding method
(acc. to DIN EN ISO 14555)
capacitor discharge (contact and gap method)
Welding time 1-3 ms
Capacitance 88000 µF
Charging voltage 60-200 V, continuously adjustable
Charging energy 1760 Ws
Power source capacitor battery
Mains plug earth contact plug according to DIN 49441
Mains supply 230 V (+/- 10%), 2 A, 50/60 Hz
(convertable to 115 V (+/- 10%), 4 A, 50/60 Hz)
Mains fuse external 10 AT
Protection IP 21
Dimensions (WxHxL) 275x260x470 mm
Weight 19 kg
Item number B-90-30-3120
Suitable welding guns PKM-1B, PHM-1A
  • easy operation
  • high welding quality
  • charging voltage continuously adjustable
  • short charging times and thus quick welding sequences through electronically clocked inverter charging board
  • low-loss charging of capacitors through electronically clocked inverter charging board
  • indication of all functions by LED
  • indication of error messages by LED
  • digital display of selected welding time
  • compact construction
  • low weight
  • optional (also retrofitable): additional charging board to shorten charging times and thus increase welding sequences
  • highest operational reliability and high power-on time through exclusive use of high-quality components
  • electronic control of all functions
  • repeat cycle lock to avoid welding on an already welded welding element
  • automatic function test after switch-on
  • temperature control as protection against destruction through excess temperature
  • automatic switch-off in case of excess temperature
  • protection of the unit in case of a fault on welding/control line cable and solenoid
  • charging voltage is not influenced by supply voltage variations
  • optimal safety during welding through integrated safety switching
  • internal charging time regulation in order to prevent overheating
  • low thermal power loss
  • thermic controlled ventilator
  • robust, powder-coated metal housing
  • stable fixing of welding cable sockets at own plug holder, prevents damage on housing caused by pulling of cable