CNC stud welding machine 4000 x 1500 x 300 mm

  • working area: 4000 x 1500 x 300 mm
  • welded steel machine frame
  • servo motor-driven Z-axis 300 mm
  • operating panel with touch screen PC, operation and dxf data import by software i3stud, operating and display elements of the stud welding units integrated
  • two automatic stud welding heads KHA-200F with integrated travel measuring system
  • milling unit with exhaust device
  • two stud welding units PRO-C 1500
  • two automatic stud feeders VBZ
  • fluid spraying devices for welding heads
  • eight pneumatic ground clamps, aperture angle 90°
  • programmable workpiece stops
  • lowerable ball casters
  • safety fence with three-sided light curtain for safeguarding the working area

Welding method: capacitor discharge stud welding

CNC stud welding machine 4000 x 1500 x 300 mm during the welding process

Detailed view: milling unit, working lift AHP-080 prepared for third automatic stud welding head, automatic stud welding heads KHA-200F and holder for changeable feeding tubes

Detailed view: programmable workpiece stops
The machine features several programmable workpiece stops. The stops can be serially pre-selected on a separate control panel. The active stop row is shown by a white control lamp. After the start of the welding program the ground clamps are activated. When the workpiece is fixed by the ground clamps, the stops are lowered into the work table and are thus protected against welding spatters.

Detailed view: lowerable ball casters
For the easy insertion of big and heavy metal sheets the machine is equipped with lowerable ball casters. The casters are extended and retracted by an electrical push switch.

Detailed view: control panels for the operation of the workpiece stops and the ball casters